CDX has been a trusted source for music distribution to radio and beyond for 25 years. We reach not only all key radio programming decision makers, but also labels, publishing companies, and other members of the music business community. Whether your goals include radio airplay or exposure to labels and publishing companies to further your career, if you’ve got a song we’ve got your audience.

In June of 2016 we proudly launched digital-only distribution of Texas Country music to over 1100 Texas music biz movers and shakers and Texas Country radio stations and programmers.

The benefits of working with CDX to distribute your music to Texas Country radio and the music industry include:

  • Extensive distribution reach via a dedicated digital e-blast to over 1100 radio stations and executives in the Texas music industry. AND we also service your single to CMA member international broadcasters.
  • Your single is housed in our extensive download center database in perpetuity, where radio programmers have access to 25 years of country music history.
  • CDX clients receive discounted ad pricing on the TRACtion Texas Chart newsletter and website.
  • CDX clients receive one month of free tracking off their monthly subscription to our TRACtion Texas airplay monitoring service ($195 per month for unlimited access) or we’ll provide weekly emailed single song reports for $50 a month.
  • Participation in Texas Country Spotify Playlists which are promoted throughout social media.

This move to launch a Texas-specific service was precipitated by the launch of TRACtion, a music airplay monitoring and tracking service developed by CDX.  For the first time, TRACtion gives the industry the ability to see where a single is getting REAL airplay spins through its powerful radio monitoring application.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and TRACtion’s monitoring system is EMPOWERING.  Artists, labels, managers, booking agents, publicists, publishers – everyone who works in the Texas music industry – deserve clear and accurate data on when and where their music is being played so they can better formulate their marketing, promotion, and touring plans and budgets.

From this monitored airplay information, the TRACtion Texas Chart was born, giving the Texas music industry its very first monitored airplay chart.

For artists to be considered on the chart, we honor many of the principles that have been markers of past Texas charts. Being from Texas, Oklahoma, and the adjacent states, living in Texas, Oklahoma, and the adjacent states, and/or touring for at least 30% of the time in Texas, Oklahoma and the adjacent states are the filters that make the music eligible to be reported. The TRACtion Texas chart acknowledges that non-resident artists spend time there, writing, producing, and collaborating, thus earning their inclusion.

Our recurrent policy makes room for new entries to see their way onto the chart. If a record has significant downward movement for two weeks, our algorithm uses the highest week’s spin total and compares it on a sliding scale. A record must lose a significant percentage of its highest total to trigger the recurrent filter.

Our goal is to have the most articulate chart, with data that empowers artists and radio stations alike. If you are a radio station interested in joining our reporter’s panel, please get in touch ASAP. In order to report, you have to have a healthy web stream, since our monitoring is based on the web stream.

If you are a radio station who plays and supports Texas Country Music and would like to be on the monitored panel, wherever you are from, email Joe Kelly at or call him at 615 292-0123 x1. He will contact you to begin the process.

TRACtion Texas is more than a chart, we are a forum for the genre as well. Editorials, artist interviews and photos, and station events and news, are just some of the items we would like to share. So keep ‘em coming! Joe will be your contact for this too.