What are the benefits of CDX and TRACtion TX?

Founded in 1991, CDX is the heritage music delivery service for artists who want to send their new single to radio. TRACtion Texas clients’ new singles are digitally distributed through our proprietary InstaTrack download delivery system to over 1100 music biz movers and shakers and Texas Country radio stations and programmers.

The benefit of using CDX to distribute your new single to radio are:

  • Extensive distribution reach via your own individual and personalized digital e-blast to over 1100 radio stations and executives in the Texas music industry.  AND we also service your single to CMA member international broadcasters.
  • As a CDX client your single remains in perpetuity in our extensive singles catalog housed in our download center database for radio programmers to have access to 25 years of country music history at their fingertips.
  • CDX clients receive discounted ad pricing on the TRACtion Texas Chart newsletter and website.
  • CDX clients receive one month of free tracking off their monthly subscription to our TRACtion Texas airplay monitoring service ($195 for unlimited access) or we’ll provide weekly emailed single song reports for $50 a month.
  • Participation in Texas Country Spotify Playlists which are promoted throughout social media.

How does TRACtion Texas monitor a song?

Ok – since you asked…here is how our developer explains it.  TRACtion detects radio airplay by monitoring the digital audio stream used by radio stations to simulcast their terrestrial radio signal over the Internet.  It uses a wavelet-based approach to create digital “fingerprints” which represent a temporally-ordered set of characteristic identifiers unique to each and every song processed by the system. Once all identifiers for a song or audio clip have been calculated, that song is said to have been “fingerprinted.” Our methodology is unique in its ability to detect song boundaries from anywhere within a continuous audio stream and to detect songs in the background of other media, such as part of a commercial. One of the most innovative aspects of the TRACtion methodology is its use of temporal correlations and statistical analyses of the resulting “fingerprint matches” over time, to achieve a false detection rate of nearly 0%. This system is truly one-of-a-kind in its ability to carry out real-time, live airplay monitoring with a nearly 100% success rate, without the use of invasive techniques such as metadata analysis, ID3 tagging, or audio watermarking.

How do I get a song into the TRACtion Texas airplay monitoring system?

For a song to be monitored and tracked it has to be fingerprinted and uploaded into the TRACtion Texas database. Naturally, all CDX client songs are automatically fingerprinted and uploaded. For the price of a digital download, you are bonused with a month of unlimited tracking, a $195 value, which is more than the price of the download at $150 for your e-blast. Otherwise, go to https://www.hightail.com/u/CDXNashville to upload an MP3 of your single and we will fingerprint it and upload it into TRACtion where it will be monitored right along with our clients’ singles. Please include: Artist, Title, and Label. Please don’t send that info as “Indie.” We need the copyright or a label name, and please include the date the song will be going for adds.

What’s the difference between digital distribution and fingerprinting?

As a client of CDX, we will digitally distribute your single to over 1100 Texas music industry and radio executives. And, you receive discounted rates on our other services. Fingerprinting is the part of the methodology used by TRACtion to monitor the airplay on your single. TRACtion’s tracking provides articulated and detailed information so you will see spins by daypart. If you are an artist, manager or agent, you are going to want to know what time of day your music is being played so that you can make decisions about whether you are getting meaningful support for your music in that market.

Do CDX clients get better chart positioning than artists who don’t use CDX to distribute their music to radio?

Absolutely, unequivocally NO! Whether you take advantage of all our great benefits as a CDX client or send your music to radio by other means has no impact at all on chart positioning. The data for the chart is pulled directly from the software program and can’t be manipulated by human hand.

Who are the reporters and what is their contact info?

TRACtion Texas has taken all the data compiled by the CDX airplay monitoring software and launched the first-ever monitored radio airplay chart for Texas music.  In order to be considered for the reporting panel, a station must have a healthy web stream, with uptime of better than 91% (95% preferred) and play a significant amount of Texas Country Music in regular rotation.

Why are stations frozen?

The health of a station’s web stream is a very important element to the tracking and charting process and, regrettably, one over which we have no control.  There are many reasons a station’s stream can have issues, including weather related outages. If a station’s web stream uptime falls below 91% we feel that we have missed too many spins for that week and will freeze their playlist. We use the prior week’s detections for their report. If a station repeatedly misses the 91% mark, we have to consider dropping them from the panel until they can get their stream up to the required performance level.

How can I get my radio station to stream better?

There are several companies that do a great job of streaming radio stations. They are Securenet Systems, Streamtheworld.com, Streamon, and Surfer Network. Feel free to reach out to them for more details.

How does my station get on the panel?

If you would like to be considered, please tell us about yourself. How much Texas Country are you playing? Where are you located? Do you stream your radio station on the web? We can monitor you if you do. And once we see what your uptime is, and what you are playing, we can consider adding you to the panel.  Call Jessie Scott at 615-292-0123 ext 24 or email her at jessiescott@cdxcd.com.